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Consecration to Jesus through Mary

A 33-day Online - Free of Charge - course with the Heralds of the Gospel

Join our Next Consecration Course. ENROLL NOW and make/renew your Consecration.

Method of Prayer & Meditation According to St. Louis de Montfort.

Through this 33-day program you are giving Our Lady all of yourself - heart, mind, and soul. Follow the meditations and daily prayers at your Own Pace in the peace of your Home. On any device. Anywhere. Anytime.


The Brilliant Trajectory of an Historic Pope

An admirable theologian, a shrewd diplomat and a most influential ecclesiastic: these are some of the attributes of the one who has...

Upon the Rock That Is Peter

Technology has made astonishing progress in the field of armaments over the past decades. Innovations of this kind are frequently reported, even...

The Exile of Avignon and the Great Western Schism – Holy Even in Exile, Immortal Despite Schism

It is said of Cardinal Ercole Consalvi that, in conversation with an opponent of the Catholic religion, he jokingly asked: “How do...

Letters From a Wise and Prudent Virgin

For some decades now the age-old habit of writing letters has been disappearing. Since ancient times, written on papyrus or parchment and...

As the Twig Is Bent, So Grows the Tree

The title of this article hearkens back to an old proverb1, referring to the need to care for a sapling from the...

From Persecutors to Condemned

The night of July 18 or 19 of 64 AD was the setting for the event that would mark the reign of...

The Victory of Fidelity

There have been periods in history when Holy Church has shone before men with great splendour, like a queen ruling over her...

The Battle of Rocroi – A Crossroads in French History

On many occasions in history, the future of a nation, or even of the world, has been decided on the basis one...

Why Is Christmas Celebrated on December 25?

Countless events have occurred since man began to inhabit this earth, but few of them are relevant enough to deserve being passed...

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

An Ever-Growing Love of the Church

To know the Church in all its resplendence it is necessary, at a certain point, to sense in one’s inmost soul what...

God’s Chosen Ones

I would like to reflect on one of the Beatitudes: “Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is...

Regal and Victorious Presence of the Divine Infant

A Child is about to be born in Bethlehem! What can we say about this event? When the Word became incarnate and...

The Authentic Manner of Exercising Authority

Command, understood in its strict sense, is the power of a person invested with religious or civil authority – whether military or...

Called to Render Great Service to the Church

There are two positions of God in relation to men. Some fall under what we call general providence; others under what we...

The Interrelationship of the Three Archangels

We may ask ourselves what relationship exists between the respective roles of the three Archangels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael. They...

A Grace that Marked His Life

On December 2 of 1967, Dr. Plinio was compelled to cancel the Saturday meeting he customary held for his disciples, leaving home...

The Historical Role of Providential Men

In a broad sense, all men are providential, because they serve the designs of God. However, there is a special sense: there...

The Perfect Priest

Iam going to speak about the fullness of the priesthood. And this consideration takes me back to the darkest night of time,...