In today’s world, we have a test for everything. A test for Covid, a test to receive a driving license, a test to get a job and so on. But is there a test which shows us who truly is our friend?

We humans who live in society are on a constant search of someone in whom we can confide, someone whom we can trust that will always be besides us to help us. We are in search
of a true friend.

But how do we know if someone is truly our friend? Well, someone might say, hold a party at home in your house, it will be filled with friends or even pay the bills of someone at a restaurant or a drink in a bar.

Hopefully, they will thank you or even stand up and applaud your active charity, but they are not going to be your friend because of this.

Our Lord teaches us how to find a true friend when He says: “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself take up his cross and follow me.”

 If you’re looking for a true friend, find someone who is willing to suffer with you, someone who is ready to carry your cross, someone who helps you to go through the difficult periods of life encouraging you, counselling you, giving you the energy required to reach the end. This person who is always ready to give you a hand is a true friend.

As the proverb says: “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” but the answer is still not complete.

To find out if someone is truly your friend and to assure your certainty, you must see if he is a friend of our Lord Jesus Christ. If he is a person who is ready to deny himself constantly, carry his cross persistently and follows Our Lord wherever He goes. This is a true friend because before being your friend, he is a friend of Our Lord and this will give him the strength to be your friend.

May Our Lady help us to be true friends of her son Jesus Christ so that we ourselves may be a true friend who help others in times of need.