Pray for Me

“Pray for me, because I am deeply troubled!”

This is from a moving request message from a reader asking us for prayers.

We receive requests like this every day.

Today, people live through dramas sufferings and problems of all kinds.

However, even though it seems incredible, the number of those who remember to ask for help through prayer is less than you think.

St. Alphonsus rightly said:

“In prayer Thou hast given us the key of all Thy Divine treasures; and we, rather than pray, choose to remain in our misery.”

(Prayer: the great mean of Salvation and Perfection)

You also can receive this heavenly key now by sending your request for prayers!

The Heralds, from dawn to dusk, will pray for your intentions to Jesus in the Eucharist.

And even better: Heralds priests celebrate Mass daily for the intentions that are requested here.

When we think of the many people who receive graces through these prayers, we, Heralds of the Gospel, feel greatly rewarded.

These prayers are not only for your difficulties.

You can also ask in Thanksgiving for something.

If you have been the subject of attention of God and want to thank him, write to us!

Your Prayer Intentions

•  Use this blog for prayer requests or testimonials only.
•  Make as many requests as you want. Please enter a maximum of 10 lines for each request.
•  To preserve the privacy of individuals, we opted not to publish requests containing negative comments or anything that may shock the reader.
•  For anything else, we have a public relations service: Contact us