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Pontifical Approval

It is the morning of February 28th, 2001, in Rome. This moment will always be engraved in the souls of the more than one thousand members of the Heralds of the Gospel

Academic Institutions

The need to provide quality formation and training to the members of Heralds of the Gospel in order to equip them with the spiritual and intellectual means for them to carry out

Habits and Uniforms

Just as love for one’s neighbour is truly demonstrated by external acts and faith is manifested through works (James 2:14-18), so also we should not hide the light of our faith under


The powerful witness offered by the manner of living of the members of Heralds of the Gospel has attracted numerous persons, to not only desire to be the passive recipients of the

Regina Virginum

Regina Virginum is formed of a group of female members of the Heralds of the Gospel living stably in community for over ten years in order to better carry out their program

Virgo Flos Carmeli

The Clerical Society of Apostolic Life Virgo Flos Carmeli consists of members of the Heralds of the Gospel who received the call to the priesthood after dozens of years of community life. It aims

Heralds of the Gospel

The Heralds of the Gospel is an International Association of Christ’s Faithful of Pontifical Right, the first to be erected by the Holy See in the third millennium, on the occasion of