We Must Choose for Christ or Against Christ

In the present world, where vice, crime and sin are so widespread, we can ask ourselves: who is wholeheartedly with Christ? This question is appropriate, given that the Gospel tells us: “He came to what was His own, but His own people did not accept Him.” Would today’s world accept this Child, who is Innocence, [...]

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Apostolate of the Shrine at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish

A first Shrine was blessed on October 22nd at Sacred Heart of Jesus Korean Catholic Church. See the photo album here: The Sacred Heart of Jesus parish, consists of over one thousand families of the Archdiocese of Toronto. The parish community primarily consists of first, second and third generation Korean immigrants.  

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Centenary with Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick On October 13th, feast of the last apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, members and friends of the Heralds of the Gospel gathered for a solemn eucharistic celebration followed by a candlelight procession at St. Clair of Assisi in Woodbridge, ON. The Mass was presided by Most Rev. Wayne Kirkpatrick, auxiliary bishop of [...]

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Centenary of Fatima in Montreal On May 13th, to celebrate the centenary of the apparations of Our Lady at Fatima, the Heralds held a solemn mass at the Cathedral Queen of the World in Montreal. The mass was celebrated by Msgr. Roger Dufresne, episcopal vicar of Montreal. It was attended by over 800 faithful, a wonderful sign of their [...]

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Activities in Montreal – Summer 2017

On May 21st, the Heralds from Montreal participated in the 51st annual procession in honour of Senhor Santo Cristo. It is a copy of the miraculous statue venerated on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. This procession in Montreal is the biggest religious procession in all of Canada. As usual, there were two [...]

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Destined to a Higher Mission

From the Editor's Desk (Monday, June 26, 2017, Gaudium Press) Exodus tells us how the victory of Joshua in the fight in defence of the Hebrews depended entirely on the prayer of Moses, who - removed from the physical combat, and withdrawn to the height of the holy mountain - interceded for the people before God, becoming [...]

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Was treibt den Herrn Andrea Tornielli, die Herolde des Evangeliums anzugreifen? Wird er damit eine Spaltung in der Kirche verursachen?

Wer Artikel und Bücher des renommierten Vatikanists, Herrn Andrea Tornielli liest, kann sich an der Erinnerung eines bunten Bildes eines Chamäleons erfreuen. Seine Veröffentlichungen zeigen seine aussergewöhnliche Fähigkeit, sich der Umgebung in der er seine Tätigkeit entwickelt, anzupassen: er wusste es den Heiligen Johannes Paulus II anzulächeln und gleichzeitig das Pontificat von Benedikt XVI anschmeicheln [...]

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First Saturdays Devotion – December 2017

The Heralds of the Gospel would like to invite you and your family to the practice of the Five First Saturdays Devotion. Date: Saturday, December 2, 2017 4:00 pm -- Confessions, Holy Rosary, meditation 5:00pm -- Mass and crowning of Our Lady Where: Our Lady of the Airways Catholic Church 7411 Darcel Avenue Mississauga, ON [...]

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